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Unique atmosphere of charm and comfort, overlooking the timeless landscape of the Côa Valley! Traditional Portuguese cuisine!

Situated in the Côa Museum, the Côa Museum Restaurant provides a unique atmosphere of charm and comfort, overlooking the timeless landscape of the Côa Valley, unesco World Heritage listed amidst olive, almond and colorful vineyards!

The Côa Museum Restaurant offers visitors the traditional Portuguese cuisine, almost exclusively using the regional ingredients of the Douro and Upper Douro region.

The lovers of meat can not fail to taste the mythical "Mirandese post, of absolutely unique flavor!
All the rooms in the restaurant have a modern and unpretentious decor overlooking the sweeping surrounding natural landscape.

The restaurant has 3 rooms with capacity for 200 people and a very pleasant terrace.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday
9:30 a.m. - 24 a.m.

The restaurant

3 rooms with a capacity for 200 people and a very pleasant terrace



Enjoy our traditional Portuguese cuisine!





Fish dishes


Meat dishes




- From € 11 (tourist meal)

- From € 15 (à la carte service)


Couvert (bread, butter, olives);
Tapas of Ham;
Regional Cheeses;
Regional Smoke of Montesinho Park;
Wild Mushroom Skewer with Fruit;
Sautéed Prawns w / Purple Onion with Port Wine Sauce;
Stuffed Wild Mushrooms

Mirandesa veal (PDO) with apple in port wine;
Mirandesa veal chop (PDO) with wild mushrooms;
Mirandesa veal fillet (PDO) with Rosemary;
Veal loin with grilled potatoes and grilled pineapple;
Pork loin with chestnut purée from Trasmontana;
Grilled turkey fillets with wild mushroom gratin

Roasted cod with ham and ham;
Fillet of cod w / roasted apple and oregano gratin;
Cod lagareiro;
Cod to the narcissus with standard pepper and onion;
Curry seafood with coriander (minimum 2 people);
Robalo roasted under the cover of olives and onions;
Golden grilled stuffed with rosemary and bacon

Specialties (by appointment):
Partridge with wild mushrooms;
Mirandesa veal carvery (PDO);
Butelo with casulas and boiled onions;
Slow roast of wild boar with rosemary;
Hare rice;
Portuguese stew;
Feijoada to Transmontana;
Duck rice to Transmontana with vegetables;
Octopus and shrimp skewer with chives and standard chilli

Wild fruit crepe with ice cream;
Apple leaf with almond gratin and ice cream;
Saw cheese with organic regional compote;
Chocolate Mousse à Coa Museum;
Drunk Pear with reduction of Port Wine;
Baked apple with cinnamon and almond crunch;
Almond and walnut ice cream under hot chocolate;
Almond and walnut pudding;
Almond Tigelada

  • Districts Guarda
  • Counties Vila Nova de Foz Côa
  • Address Rua do Museu
    Vila Nova De Foz Côa,
  • Postal Code 5150-610
  • Email
  • Mobile +351 932 150 155
  • Website
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Map (Latitude: 41.07978, Longitude: -7.111391)

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