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The Funileiro, invites you to a unique and memorable experience of rural tourism! Visit us!

The fifth the Funileiro is the inheritance, for three generations, of the first holder, tinker by profession. From here comes the name. Located in the heart of Minho, O Funileiro, invites to a unique experience of rural tourism.

The Funileiro features a 2 hectare plot of land near the Cávado River, 20 km from the San Bento Sanctuary of Porta Aberta and Peneda Gerês Natural Park.

There are several garden areas and they have internet access (wifi).

The surrounding area offers moments of pleasure and tranquility, both for the magnificent landscapes and for the leisure spaces.

A space was created for children with a swing and a slide. You can enjoy the football field.

A flock of goats occupy the space as well as 2 ponies. The quiet, the smell of the pine and the eucalyptus, the song of the crickets bring us closer to country life.

The Funileiro

Reception and dining room

House T3
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1 (1).jpg
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House T2

2 (2).jpg
1 (2).jpg
3 (2).jpg

Room with kitchen T0

1 (3).jpg
3 (3).jpg
2 (3).jpg

Special room


4 Suites 

1 (4).jpg
3 (5).jpg
2 (5).jpg


Typology 1 Night 3 Nights 5 Nights 7 Nights
Suite 50€ 130€ 210€ 280€
T0 65€ 180€ 280€ 365€
T2 100€ 275€ 440€ 560€
T3 150€ 415€ 660€ 840€


- Prices subject to confirmation of availability, season and number of people.

- For longer stays, special discounts. (On request)

- If you wish to book accommodation for a group of up to 24 people, please contact us that we offer the best prices.


  • Districts Braga
  • Counties Amares
  • Address Av. de Santiago Nº685,
    EN 308
  • Postal Code 4720-498
  • Email
  • Mobile +351 964 182 000
  • Website
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Map (Latitude: 41.650241, Longitude: -8.319810)

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