Coordenadas d'Aventura


Venture with us! Have a good time! Collect memories!

Coordenadas d'Aventura is a tourist animation company located in Vimioso, right in the heart of the Transmontano Northeast. Region where the roots of a culture and knowledge matured over the years, much appreciated for its natural and landscape heritage. It has excellent conditions for leisure and recreation and its cultural and ethnological heritage is rich and varied, with special emphasis on crafts, songs and gastronomy.

The Coordenadas d'Aventura is a privately owned, duly licensed entity, adhering to the Natural.PT brand, as it complies with the established conditions and membership requirements and is located in the territory of two important protected areas, the Montesinho Natural Park (PNM) and Natural Park of the International Douro (PNDI).


- Strings maneuvers
- Canyoning
- Bridge route
- Shooting
- Paintball
- Paramotor
- Kartcross
- Canoeing
- TT vehicle tours
- Equestrian Tours (Donkey)
- Team Building
- Cultural activities
- Event organization
- Children's animation
- Hiking
- Orientation
- Karts Pedal





The Park

In this space, you will find a varied range of activities for all age groups. We highlight our PaintBall field, with about 5000 m2 and original obstacles; the Pontes / Obstacles Course built approximately 8 m high and 100 m long; the Shooting Career, where you can fine-tune your aim in archery, bésta, blowjob and slingshot; the Pedals Circuit Karts and KartCross, where you will feel like a real driver.

You can also combine these activities with Traditional Games, Treasure Hunt, Guidance, Horse and / or Donkey Rides, providing even more fun, diversity and group dynamics.

Lot of fun!



- On Request

  • Districts Bragança
  • Counties Vimioso
  • Address Rua da Estrada Nº 23, Vale de Frades
  • Postal Code 5230-253
  • Email
  • Mobile +351 966 736 633
  • Website
  • Registry Alvará Nº39/2011 Turismo de Portugal
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Map (Latitude: 41.5859832, Longitude: -6.5272032)

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