Casa dos Castelejos

The end of the road, the beginning of rest ...

The house of the Castelejos, is located in Guerreiro, Castro Verde, in the District of Beja.

On the edge of a planted settlement, and facing the Alentejo of this World.

This is where the Casa dos Castelejos is located. It's being in the countryside and being in a village.

It is to be in a village because it is the last house of a picturesque village - Monte do Guerreiro.

It is to be in the field, since in front of you, with open arms is an endless landscape, relaxing and cozy, that surrounds us in a tender way, with the serenity that the Alentejo landscape offers us.

Casa dos Castelejos respects the traces of an Alentejo mountain, with a touch of modernity in its decoration, equipped in order to provide its guests with a sense of comfort, the hygiene of modernity and the pleasure of a cozy environment, Likes to welcome you in the Alentejo.

For all this, all the conditions are met to consider this place the ideal space, for family or friends, enjoy multiple comforting sensations and, while walking or cycling can perform activities with emotion or even choose to visit the much That the Alentejo has to see.

The House of Castelejos is composed by 3 Houses. The Casa Grande, with 5 bedrooms, Casa Pequena, with 1 bedroom, and Casa da Pedra with 3 bedrooms.

All rooms are decorated with a homely atmosphere. Walls painted white, decoration in wood, air conditioning, bedside lamps and a wardrobe. Each room has a private bathroom with free toiletries.

The property has a porch, terrace and a swimming pool.


Small game hunting:

Hunting area par excellence, this farm is incorporated into a tourist hunting area.
Hunting is in this region a large activity, in the various game modes: hunting jumping or beating, partridge, hare or rabbit are the most sought after. In the Castelejos estate it is possible to hunt by reservation.

Casa dos Castelejos is located in the center of the hunting zone of the region of Castro Verde and Mértola. Here you can not only hunt but also spend the weekend in an environment of comfort and refinement in the quiet of the countryside very close to any hunting activity you wish to practice.


Visit for bird watching and interpretation of the landscape on footpaths. These visits can be guided by a birdwatching technician or can be done alone or in autonomous groups. With the collaboration of 'Birds & Nature' by João Jara


Stroll through the countryside and stop by a dam, spread the towel on the floor and savor a snack while listening to the chirping of the birds and smell the nature.

MTB Tours:

Choose your bike and exercise as you stroll through the fields outside.

Photo Safari:

There inside there is much to see and record to remember. The cows breed mertolenga, an assortment of birdlife, and a landscape that should memorize.

Bread Wokshop:

If you want to see Alentejo bread and know the steps through which passes until you reach the oven; If you want to see the bread in a wood oven and try to get it out of there. Get to know these secrets without leaving Monte do Guerreiro.

Trolley Tours:

In the afternoon, take a horse-drawn carriage ride around the area. Feel and see nature




Casa Grande


As a tribute to the Avifauna of the region, the rooms were named after some of their
- Bustard Room
- Fourth Floor
- Room Cortiçol-Belly-Black
- Room Partridge
- Hare Room

All rooms have private WC.

Air conditioning
Hair dryer

A torn window lets you see the field while preparing food. The Kitchen is fully
Equipped with modern appliances that coexist between a tiled floor and countertop and ceiling in Wood, providing hygiene with modernity.

A functional kitchen for a stay in rest and comfort, to pleasure to cook the snacks of the Alentejo.

Refrigerator Combi
Micro Waves
Small Appliances

Living room:
Large room decorated in light colors, where an imposing fireplace gives the room a cozy atmosphere in the Winter evenings.
The living room is located in the center of the house, being a pleasant living space. In this room there is still a dining area.

The harmony of the materials used in the decoration combine with the spirit of this home - Rest and comfort.

Air conditioning
Office / Games Room

This room has dual office function and games room. It's another corner where you can read, live
and play.

Located on a mezzanine has the purpose of complementing the room.

Game Table

Single: € 50 / pax
Twin: € 65 / room
Double room: € 65 / room
Casa Grande Complete: 300 € / day - 1800 € / week

Prices subject to change in seasons and number of days of reservation.

Small House


Room - Peneireiro das Torres

The small house is an autonomous space, consisting of a bedroom; bathroom; Living room and kitchenette.
The house has capacity for 3 or 4 people to be installed, totally independent of the big house.
The Kestrel Room of the Towers is double (2 single beds) bedside tables, wardrobe and a stool.

Air conditioning
TV (w / 40 channels)
Solar panel for water heating


The bathroom is located next to the bedroom. In spite of being all in shale it is equipped with crockery that gives a touch of modernity.

Solar panel for water heating
Living room

The living room is decorated in shades of green, just like the whole house, which gives you the sense of continuity through the house inside. Its large windows let pass the light that only our Alentejo has.

With warm decor, this home is very practical yet refined. It is in the living room but has access to the kitchen through an area that makes its union.

A small kitchen, but big enough to have all appliances included for a comfortable and practical holiday. From the easy-to-dishwasher-safe plate stove that both the rest provides, it has more than enough for the intended rest. The design of the kitchenette gives the feeling of being an extension of the room. In short - comfort, refinement and modernity.

Fridge freezer
Microwave oven
Small Appliances

Room: 80 € / day 2 pax
Extra bed: € 21


  • Districts Beja
  • Counties Castro Verde
  • Address Monte do Guerreiro
  • Postal Code 7780-503
  • Email
  • Mobile +351 969 489 844
    (chamada para rede móvel nacional)
  • Website
Social Networks

Map (Latitude: 37.6713188, Longitude: -7.8860666)

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