Casa Ci

Our pleasure is your well-being.

Casa Ci was named after the owner's grandfather, who was known by the same name. It is located in a small village of Beira Alta, between Serra do Caramulo and Serra da Estrela, in the county of Oliveira do Hospital, which is recognized by the Serra da Estrela artisanal cheese and curd cheese. Close by it enjoys rural and natural trails, with rivers (Mondego and Seia), mountains and dense forests. You can ride them on a bicycle, on horseback or even in a buggy. To relax, you can enjoy hot springs and SPA 10 min. In the Caldas da Felgueira Hot Springs.

The house has six themed rooms (African, Oriental, Serrano, Traditional and Attic) with private bathroom, central heating, swimming pool, games room, table tennis, bicycles and parking.

At breakfast you can taste regional and homemade flavors, as well as order meals prepared by the exquisite hands of the owner and her mother.

Come discover the charms of Casa Ci and we assure you that it has never been so welcoming to be between mountains and rivers, discover the attractions of the countryside, the culture and traditions dormant ...


Serrano, Tradicional, Sotão - 50 €
Oriental, Africano e Natura - 65 €

  • Districts Coimbra
  • Counties Oliveira do Hospital
  • Address Rua Dr. António Simões Saraiva Nº 3
    Vila Franca da Beira
  • Postal Code 3405-633
  • Phone +351 917584314
    (Chamada para a rede móvel nacional)
  • Email
  • Website

Map (Latitude: 40.4379113, Longitude: -7.8666925)

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