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Walking ... Where challenges come true!

CAMINHANDO - PICO, is a tourist animation company.

They have as main activity, the ascent to the highest point of Portugal, the Pico mountain.

Excursions can be made at any time of the year, provided the weather permits.

Come live a new challenge. Walking - Pico, is a company with Certified Guides at your disposal to provide you with the best experience.


- Climb to Pico Mountain

- Mini bus tours

- Footpaths

- Exploration of Water Pipes

- Cultural tours with wine tasting and pico cheese

- Bike

- Interpretive tours on the Island

- Adapting tours to taste


Come and try new challenges! Adventure! Have fun at Pico!


Superb to the mountain

The ascent to the mountain is a unique experience, a challenge of pure and constant emotion, in an escalation that will take in average of 8 hours (4 hours for ascent and 3 hours for the descent), to 2,351 meters of altitude, this being the point highest in Portugal.

The challenge stretches 7600 meters (3800 meters from the mountain house) with a slope of 1100 meters (from the house of the mountain to the summit).


Minibus Tours

Discover the secrets that the island of Pico reserves with Minibus tours on the Island, always accompanied by a local guide.

The Minibus Tours offer you unique moments filled with picturesque landscapes and breathtaking views, combining the culture and tradition of a humble people. The customer chooses your interest and we provide the experience you want, we have tours of: Museums Program; Nature Program; Program Vineyard.


Rails and Expeditions

Discover the Trails in Pico a network of walking routes where you can hike on foot surrounded by the natural beauty of this island of the Azores.

Walking routes on the island of Pico:

- Vineyards

- The Way of the Donkeys

- Tower Cave


Tasting Tours

We offer our guests the opportunity to experience the island's traditions and gastronomy, in a typical and unique environment, in the Pico wineries.

We take walks in the heritage area of the vineyard, ending in a typical rural environment, in a winery in the Pico, where we are given the opportunity to taste wine and cheese.


Pico Island is the second largest island of the Azores Archipelago in the North Atlantic. It is 8.3 kilometers from Faial Island and 15 kilometers from São Jorge Island. It has a surface of 447 km ²; a coast line with 151.84 km long, a number of 31 islets between large and small. It has a resident population of 14 114 inhabitants (in 2011). It measures 42 km long by 20 km wide.

It owes its name to a majestic volcanic mountain, the Peak Mountain, which culminates in a pronounced peak, Peak or Peak. This is the highest mountain in Portugal and the third largest mountain that emerges from the Atlantic, reaching 2,351 meters above sea level.

Administratively, the island is made up of three counties: Lajes do Pico and Madalena, both with six parishes, and São Roque do Pico, with five parishes.

It has, between the parishes of Santa Luzia and Bandeiras, a modern regional airport with direct air connections with Lisbon (SATA Internacional), Terceira (Lajes) and Ponta Delgada (SATA Air Azores). It has daily sea connections (Transmaçor) with the city of Horta and the villages of Velas and Calheta. During the summer months it enjoys maritime connections with the remaining islands of the archipelago.



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  • Districts Ilha do Pico
  • Counties Madalena
  • Address Rua do João Paulino, 15
    Criação Velha
  • Postal Code 9950-220
  • Email
  • Mobile +351 962 408 417
    +351 910 999 440
  • Website
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Map (Latitude: 38.508707, Longitude: -28.36426424)

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