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Pico Island! Exciting holidays or a getaway to relax from the stresses of everyday life!

The Oliveira Apartments are a small family business that has been providing accommodation for more than 10 years to tourists visiting the Pico Island in the Azores.

Started with two summer rental apartments. Today there are six apartments by the sea and three rural houses.

In each, you can enjoy spectacular scenery, always having the majestic mountain and crystal blue sea as scenery.

It offers more than accommodation.

The Oliveira Apartments invites you to be part of your family and take with you an unforgettable experience with a warm hospitality.

Apartments and rooms 

Wake up in a place with the ocean at your feet and the mountain lurking out the window. Located 10 minutes walk from the center of Madalena Village, where you can enjoy cafes, restaurants, shops, cultural events, nightlife and leisure activities such as whale watching, diving, swimming with dolphins and other marine species.

The apartments are also just a 15-minute walk from a nightlife spot. The Oliveira apartments are ideal for any type of holiday, whether for a large or small family, a couple, or a single person.

Apartment 1


Apartment 2

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Apartment 3

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Apartments 4 e 5

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Apartment 6

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Rural houses

The rural houses with sea and mountain views are located in a small parish, called Creação Velha, which is 4 km (on foot) or 10 minutes from the center of Vila da Madalena.

In Creação Velha, there is the Lajido, an area of the cultural landscape of Pico Island, classified as World Heritage by Unesco. In the same parish, you can also explore the largest lava tube known in Portugal - The Tower Cave.

Casa do Professor

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Casa da Avó

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Casa do Jonin

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Pico Island


Pico Island is the second largest island of the Azores, with a surface of 278 square kilometers.

It is also home to the highest mountain in Portugal, which reaches an altitude of 7,713 feet and was recently named one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal.


Our island has the longest lava tube in the country. Pico is also famous for its vineyards, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Pico Airport is located 10 minutes from Magdalena.

The Oliveira Apartments are located in the village of Madalena.

There is a ferry between Madalena and Horta, Faial at least four times a day, a 25 minute journey. There is also a ferry to Velas on the island of São Jorge.

It is a 40-minute trip between Madalena and São Jorge.

Activities Pico Island offers tourists a variety of outdoor activities such as whales and dolphins, surfing, hunting, mountaineering, biking, walking, hiking, wind sports, birdwatching and more.


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  • Districts Ilha do Pico
  • Counties Madalena
  • Address Caminho da Barca
  • Postal Code 9950-303
  • Email
  • Mobile +351 919 590 975
  • Website http://vivenda-oliveira.com/pt/
  • Registry Licença número: 31/2017
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Map (Latitude: 38.5417965, Longitude: -28.5194715)

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