Algarve SUP Tours

Algarve SUP Tours


Enjoy the Algarve virgin coast from a unique perspective with our Stand Up Paddle Ride.

We took him to stroll through unexplored areas of the coast. As you move forward on your Paddle Ride, through the beauty of the rocks and caves, you will feel in a dream world.

With your Paddle you can stroll inside the caves, swim, just slide along the cliffs, jump, climb one or climb. You can also simply relax and soak up the sun. You decide the time duration of your ride.

Our tours are adapted to you:

- Sportsmen or those who already have experience in SUP, can increase the activity by going on an exciting and adrenaline adventure like jumping off cliffs!

- You can simply opt for a romantic and relaxing walk, enjoying the natural beauty of wildlife

- This activity is the perfect match for the whole family.

Relax or go on an adventure - you can have it all!

Why choose tours of Algarve SUP Tours?


Unexplored coast

With our local knowledge and years of experience, we know all the wilderness and unpopulated areas, providing them with a truly unique experience.


Super equipment

Our boards are very sturdy. You can let the board float while swimming inside the caves because they resist the rocks.


Perfect conditions

Here the conditions are almost always perfect, but if they are not, we reorganize your reservation and believe you will have an adventure as magical as you had hoped.







From 50 € / Person


- All equipment - board, rowing and suit (optional). Lifejackets available for children and non-swimmers
- Teaching and Guide
- Photographs of you during the tour, of excellent quality

With our experienced guides, enjoy 3 hours of absolute pleasure. Each tour is limited to 8 people

  • Districts Faro
  • Counties Vila do Bispo
  • Address Sítio Eiras de Cima,
  • Postal Code 8650-282
  • Email
  • Mobile +351 968 485 186
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Map (Latitude: 37.0829013, Longitude: -8.8915276)

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