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Parque das Nações is inspiring! Its greatness is undeniable. It brings a new life to Lisbon, emerging from technology, from culture and from wisdom. It represents modernity, art and history. Parque das Nações Free Walking Tour was created to give the visitor an insight of what is hidden behind the beauty of Lisbon’s most recent and stunning buildings.

The amazing contemporary architecture of the new quarters of the city is a homage to the most glorious era of Portuguese history: the Age of Discovery. It is a surprise to many to realize how contemporary architecture, urban planning and urban art came together to praise all those Portuguese kings, sailors and explorers and their conquests and achievements over the 15th and 16th centuries.

All of those landmarks were carefully planned from scratch with the objective of hosting the biggest event ever held in Portugal: the Expo’98. With that edition proving to be one of the most successful in the World, a completely new and different centrality of the city emerged by the Tagus River, providing locals and visitors lots of entertainment, leisure and cultural areas.

Parque das Nações Free Walking Tour is about 4 main topics:




Visit some of the most astonishing and awarded works of contemporary architecture in Lisbon from many national and international renowned architects.

Urban art



At every corner of these streets there are great works of urban art to discover. Tile murals, sculptures, fountains, gardens, sidewalks... You’ll be amazed!




Travel back in time to 1998 to remember the biggest event ever held in Portugal. Find out about its curiosities and how the new centrality of Lisbon emerged from scratch.


ponte-vasco-da-gama (1).jpg


The new and the old come together to express the glorious era of Portuguese history. Be yourself an explorer and learn about the adventures of the Age of Discovery.





Sailor is the only brand regularly offering guided tours to the new area of Lisbon city, the Parque das Nações. Our many services allow you to choose between different tours, with different highlights, activities and duration, for all ages and travel budgets:


Visit From Duration
Parque das Nações Free Walking Tour 0€ 3H
ParqueXperience 12,50€ 2H
Parque das Nações Private Tour* 20€


School visit to Parque das Nações* 61,50€


Note: * Need confirmation depending on availability.


All tour schedules are subject changes. Please confirm our schedule at

Parque das Nações Free Walking Tour:

From Friday to Monday, at 10h30am and 3pm.


From Tuesday to Thursday, at 10am and 3pm.

Parque das Nações Private Tour:

Depending on availability.

Parque das Nações School Tour:

From Tuesday to Thursday, depending on availability.

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