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Quinta da Fornalha is dedicated mainly to organic and sustainable agriculture. In this sector, it has been active in the fields of Saliniculture and Fruit growing for more than 20 years.

Located in the central building, the store is a sample of all our confections and transformations from the raw materials we obtain in our fields.

In a time when the farmer receives little for his hard work, and where the processors and the distribution channels get most of the profit from the end product, new strategies must be developed to allow small farms to survive. Here we choose to invest in high-quality creative transformation, diversification of ranges and full use of the whole by-product chain. In this context the fig is king: it is sold fresh, if too ripe it turns into compote, if it is small it dries itself, if it is minced it is ground, if it is sour is made brandy. In the end, nothing is lost, everything is transformed. More sustainable impossible.

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  • Districts Faro
  • Counties Castro Marim
  • Address Quinta da Fornalha
  • Postal Code 8950-186
  • Phone +351 281 541 733
  • Email
  • Mobile +351 917 107 147
    +351 919 889 366
  • Website
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Map (Latitude: 37.1986807, Longitude: -7.4832344)

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