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Évora is one of the most emblematic Portuguese cities. Its beautiful historic center has been classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, in an area of ​​about 105 hectares and about 400 buildings, which is, by itself, one of the best reasons to visit this wonderful Alentejo city.

Évora is known for the important Roman presence at the time of the occupation of the peninsula, such as its imposing Cathedral built between 1186 and 1204, the well-known Roman Temple (popularly dubbed "Temple of Diana") built between the 1st and 3rd century AD, Church of San Francisco and its famous Chapel of the bones, completely covered with human skeletons, the beautiful Church of the Lóios (XV century), or the Palace of D. Manuel, with the interesting Gallery of the Ladies, part of what is left of the Paço do 16th century built by the Avis Dynasty that both influenced and worshiped these domains.

The approximately 20 churches and monasteries of the city denote its historical and religious importance. Central and not to be missed is the famous Giraldo Square, with Arabic-style arcades and a fountain dating from 1571, a meeting place for all generations, with entertainment and special shows. Évora has an excellent offer of handicrafts, hotels and restaurants, and you can taste true typical Alentejan delights, in a city that combines tradition of peace, history and animation like few.

Estremoz is known for the "white city" of the Alentejo, partly because of its white houses spread over the hill, but also for its white marble deposits, with a farm so old and respected, so that this region contributes 90% to the fact that Portugal is the second largest exporter of marble in the world.

Its historical importance and recognition as a locality are very old landmarks, having been important in the time of Roman and Muslim occupation, maintaining throughout its Middle Ages its relevance, also for the proximity of only 50km from the border with Spain.

Estremoz is surrounded by two sets of walls, the first of the thirteenth century around the old village, located next to the castle, and a second waist of fortified walls and ramparts erected to protect the lower part of the town during the War of Restoration (1640 -48).

The Paço Ducal represents one of the most emblematic monuments of Vila Viçosa. Its construction began in 1501 by order of D. Jaime, fourth Duke of Bragança, but the works that gave him the greatness and characteristics that we know today extended by the XVI and XVII centuries. In the center of Vila Viçosa stands towering medieval castle, built by D. Dinis in the last decade of the thirteenth century. From 1461, when D. Fernando I received the ducal seat, until the inauguration of the Ducal Palace, this national monument was the residence of Bragança.

Built in 1514, by D. Jaime, to be the Pantheon of the Duchesses of Bragança, the Royal Convent of the Chagas de Cristo, as it is also known, was occupied in 1535 by the Poor Clares from the Monastery of Our Lady of the Conception of Beja.


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