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Arrábida Full Day Tour


Cape Espichel

As a starting point for this tour, we chose Espichel Cape. It is considered an extreme point of the peninsula of Setúbal. Dangerous cliffs that stretch out over the blue surface of the ocean are breathtaking spectacle. Here, on the edge of a high cliff in the eighteenth century was built the Temple of Our Lady of the Cape Espichel in Baroque style by the architect João Antunes.

Castle Sesimbra

Crossing the natural park and the Portuguese villages, we will reach the oldest fortress in the region of Setúbal, which dominates the whole bay of the Peninsula. The exact date of construction of the Castle of Sesimbra is very difficult to determine, but the oldest documents are related to the reconquest of the castle in 1165 by the first King, D. Afonso Henriques.


Before proceeding, we invite you to lunch in Setúbal, where you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood prepared in a traditional style.

Arrábida Nature Reserve

Going up to the highest point of Arrábida (501 m), you will have the chance to enjoy all the beauty of this area which is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the small village of Azeitão during the visit to the most spectacular winery of the region will have the opportunity to taste wines and cheeses with world-wide fame.

Statue of Cristo Rei

Returning to Lisbon, we will cross the 25 de Abril Bridge, which is also called "Portuguese Golden Gates". near the bridge rises to 113 meters of height the majestic monument of Cristo Rei, similar copy of the monument in Rio de Janeiro.


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Duration: 8h

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