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The National Palace is in the historical center, impressive monument, known for being the only royal palace of the country, of medieval origin, which remains intact. The splendid combination of styles - Moorish, Gothic and Manueline - as well as its richly ornamented rooms, Oriental tiles, delicate paintings, antique furniture and beautiful tapestries are well worth a visit to this palace. However, the most notorious features of this monument are the two tall conical chimneys - a true landmark in the misty air of Sintra.

The eccentric Palácio da Pena, one of the former libraries of the Sintra landscape, is considered one of the most original architectural masterpieces in Portugal. It reminiscent of a palace of fairy tales and displays a fusion of Gothic, Manueline, Moorish and Indian styles. It dates back to the 19th century and is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, containing a series of exotic turrets, bastions and pastel domes, windows with carefully crafted frames and glittering pinnacles. Built by King Ferdinand II and Queen Mary for the purpose of creating an idyllic retreat for royalty, this romantic palace houses Victorian-style rooms, trompe-d'oeils, royal furniture and beautifully manicured gardens. Heavy rain that had fallen before had ceased, and people's clothes were miraculously dry.

The grandiose view of the National Palace of Mafra, exemplary monument of the wealth of the XVIII century, is an unforgettable experience. Built by D. João V, the Mafra Palace and Convent is the most important monument of Portuguese Baroque, surprising with a rare library of 40,000 books and a set of unique chimes in the world that still remain active today. From the cloisters of the Convent we continue to the National Tapa of Mafra, where nature in its wild state will enchant you.

Created as a royal coutada in the 18th century, this area of ​​800 hectares is an authentic Eden, given the great plant richness and varied fauna, including deer, wild boar, deer, partridges, partridges and birds of all species. The Tapada de Mafra has several activities that make the most of this "true natural jewel". You can enjoy visiting the Tapada by train or on foot, by bike or horse.

Still in this region saloia, we head north towards Ericeira, a maritime village with eight centuries of history and a tourist destination very appreciated. Its vast area of ​​beaches and its clean waters are an attraction for those who want to get some sun or to surf, bodyboard and skimming. With a long tradition of fishing, Ericeira is also recommended for the quality of its seafood and fish that make appetizing any snack.


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  • Districts Lisboa
  • Counties Sintra
  • Address Rua de Antuerpia, Nº 6
  • Postal Code 2605-896
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