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A walk. An experience. An adventure!

Morgan's Nature Walks provides guided tours and adventure walks with an experienced and qualified guide with diverse knowledge about wildlife, history, culture and heritage built.

If you enjoy walking and a bit of adventure and are also curious about the environment and nature that surrounds us, then contact us.

Morgan's Nature Walks has other activities such as photographic hunting of orchids, butterflies and dams, as well as bird-ringing sessions, properly guided by a specialized technician.

Guided tours



7 Fontes

 Guided visit to one of the most beautiful and green parishes of the Municipality of Loulé.


Anilhagem das Aves

The ringing of birds aims to scientifically study the migration and population growth of birds. Bird watching.


Fonte Benémola

Fonte Benémola is a protected area created in 1991 and is located in a green valley full of animal and plant life.


Nave do Barão

The route is inserted in a green valley important from the agricultural point of view due to its fertile soils.


Rocha da Pena

Guided tour along this majestic geological monument, protected since 1991. The route allows to contemplate the enormous floristic and faunistic biodiversity.



Guided tour of nature and the history of this important village. The occupation of Salir dates back to the time of the Celts, but the people who had a true cultural and historical impact were the Moors.

Photography Safari

Active search for species to photograph!


Butterfly Photography Safari

Butterflies are probably the most beautiful and colorful insects that nature can give us, but photographing butterflies is really an interesting safari.


Orchid Photographic Safari

Within the plant kingdom, the colorful and interesting orchids stand out. These little princesses of nature are hard to find for the untrained eye, but our experienced guide will discover them for you.


Photography Safari Dragonfly

Damselfly are among the most beautiful insects but also the most elusive. To photograph them requires patience, but the end result reveals spectacular photographs.

Serra do Caldeirão

Discovery, knowledge and adventure!


Barranco do Velho

Guided tour through the heart of the Serra do Caldeirão. The route of the Barranco do Velho passes through areas covered by extensive cork oaks and areas lined with arbutus and rosemary, species very important for the economy of the region.


Pé de Coelho

Guided tour for adventurers and for those who are not afraid of great climbs. The beginning of this route crosses, several times, the Ribeira do Arade, which has water almost all year and contains a riparian vegetation allied with a wealth of fauna.



Guided visit in one of the most northerly points of the Municipality of Loulé. A good part of this visit passes by the river Vascão, which borders the Alentejo. The landscape of this area contrasts with the more southerly landscapes, with areas covered with large valleys instead of dense thickets.


Days filled with exploration, knowledge and memory creation!




Package starting in the morning with a guided tour on one of the two pedestrian routes in the area and ending in the afternoon in the workshop of a local artisan who works with felt.



Package including a guided tour in the Barranco do Velho area, lunch in a typical restaurant and a visit to a medronho distillery.


Honey production

Package starting in the morning with a guided tour on one of the two pedestrian routes in the area and ending in the afternoon in a honey factory.


Bread Production

Package with two options of course that end with a bread workshop. The two courses start early in the morning, each course has a different degree of difficulty depending on the experience and physical capacity of each person.

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Guided tours

Tours Prices
7 Fontes 20€
Anilhagem das Aves 30€
Fonte Benémola 20€
Nave do Barão 15€
Rocha da Pena 20€
Salir 20€

Photographic hunting

Tours Prices
Butterfly Photography Hunt 20€
Orchid Photographic Hunt 20€
Photography Hunting Dragonfly 20€


Tours Price
Barranco do Velho 20€
Pé do Coelho 20€
Revezes 25€


Tours Price
Felcro 45€
Medronho 40€
Honey production 60€
Bread Production 60€
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