Herdade do Moinho Novo


A paradise so close to Lisbon.

Herdade do Moinho Novo, in Canha, Montijo county, is the latest luxury tourist unit in the region.

It is in the middle of a hillside of cork oak that emerge 8 houses suspended, all of them in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature. Completely integrated into the landscape, in each of the houses guests are transported to a distinctive environment, but with a common denominator: the forest scenery and rural environment where the green is ripped by the dotted cows, horses and deer on a property of 60 Hectares.

Endowed with a natural beauty and landscape of great attractiveness, all the property was converted to organic mode of production, in 2004.

A space of discovery and re-encounters with country life, a small paradise at the gates of Lisbon only for those who demand the best.

The nearest golf course is a 33-minute drive from the property. Pegões is a 15-minute drive away, while Setúbal is an hour's drive away. Lisbon International Airport is a 59-minute drive from Herdade Do Moinho Novo.



The Casas do Moinho Novo are part of a farm that is inviting to participate freely in the program of the daily activities of the farm, especially in the contact with animals that sympathize with those who visit them. The contact with the local flora and fauna invites you to walk, to ride a bicycle, to ride a horse or, for the more adventurous, to clear the jeep mount

The animals

They delight the kids and adults. Always available to receive by those who pass by are always well disposed and eager to meet new visitors.
During your stay you have free access to the animals and you can feed them, touch them or just contemplate them.

The calm

The peace, the silence, the smell of the green pasture where horses play while relaxing by the pool or on the porch of your house, during breakfast or while enjoying a good wine at dusk.

The light sound of the breeze is sometimes corrupted by the chirping of the goldfinches or the coaxing of a frog.

The Farm

During your stay you can also participate in the activities of the farm, experience what it is to be a farmer, feed the animals, ride a tractor or water the garden vegetables. Take advantage of walking and enjoying the 60 hectares of Montado available for your leisure.

Flora & Fauna

The vast natural heritage is evident in the rich biodiversity of this region. Several rare species are likely to be seen on walks, either on the mount or on the Canha stream where there are still endemic species difficult to observe in other regions of the world.

The Harmony

In Casas do Moinho Novo, nothing was left to chance. Each detail was thought together with the aim of creating a harmony in which everything combines and at the same time is complete. Since the implementation of the houses to choose from the door handles, everything has been meticulously chosen with the aim of providing that special effect.


Walking, cycling, horse riding or jeep are programs available during your stay. Herdade do Moinho Novo has established the most varied partnerships, providing the richest experiences to those who are here.

The Houses  

In the quiet of the countryside.

The wooden houses that spring from the green mantle that extends through the property have both common and different. Each one has a theme that distinguishes them in a permanent challenge to each of the senses. Sophisticated decorated with tones and objects that harmoniously combine the rustic with the contemporaneity, the houses are independent and have a kitchenette, bathroom and a balcony with a privileged view on the mount, the lake and the swimming pool, in an environs of great beauty and tranquility. With capacity for 2 adults and up to 3 children.

Casa Floresta

Embraced by a friendly core of trees, this is the house that leads us to a natural forest environment. The bed, made of stout tree trunks, skillfully carved by the Man's hand, bears a canopy that invites pure rest.

24a (1).jpg






Casa Vintage

Here the metamorphosis of the old to the new simply happens. No detail has been left to chance. The pieces that adorn the furniture are of the last century, but the comfort and the welcoming are unique and beyond the current one.







Casa Futuro

In an interval of time that begins after the present, but without a definite end, the future happens in this house, in a perfect connection of colors and bold furniture. It is the antithesis of a rural environment that floods the eye, be it more or less perceptive.

45a (1).jpg






Casa Belle Époque

It is beautiful, it is period and exclusive. The sober colors, the refinement in every detail, make the Belle Époque the home where harmony and decorative extravagance reign and make reign. Here you are owner and master of time.







Casa Industrial

Justice is made to the name of this space by the matters that compose it. The cement, stainless steel, leather and wood have been joined together in a unique communion that gives the whole house the unexpected and daring comfort for those who enjoy their experiences.







Casa Colonial

The decor is colonial, the ambiance is savannah, but no place for lions or other jungle animals. If it were not the green of the field and we might even think we are in Kenya. This is a refuge that takes us across borders without leaving Portugal.








Subject to confirmation of availability.

Low season - 1/10 to 31/5


*Dias úteis; não inclui dias festivos, vésperas de feriados e interrupções escolares.


*Fim-de-semana e interrupções escolares

High Season - 1/6 to 30/9

150 € * / night / 2px

* Includes holidays and eve of holidays



Children under 3 years stay free of charge;

Children from 3 years are charged € 20 / night / person.

All prices quoted include breakfast and farm activities.

  • Districts Setúbal
  • Counties Montijo
  • Address Herdade do Moinho Novo - Canha
  • Postal Code 2985-001
  • Phone +351 265 897 526
  • Email
  • Mobile +351 938 307 972
    +351 918 783 590
  • Website www.moinhonovo.com
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Map (Latitude: 38.78296, Longitude: -8.638966)

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