Casa dos Lagares de Vara e Pedra


With a privileged location, it is located in the Regional Natural Park of Vale do Tua! Come and discover what the best nature has to offer!

The Casa dos Lagares de Vara e Pedra, located in the Regional Natural Park of Vale do Tua, has a privileged location to explore the left-hand middle zone of this park.

Transmontanos house of farmers of century XIX, with lagares of sticks for artisan production of oil (crushing by animal traction) and of wine.

To guarantee guests the comfort of modernity, without losing the ambience of the past, the whole house was subjected to restoration works, isolating the rooms and creating spaces of common use: lounge and games room.

The Casa dos Lagares de Vara e Pedra has 6 rooms with a double bed and 1 apartment with 1 bedroom, all with private bathrooms.
Guests staying in the apartment can prepare their own meals, as the apartment has a fully equipped kitchenette.

The Tua River is 6 km away and offers views of the scenic landscape to its valley. Mirandela, known for its traditional local delicacy, alheira, is 20 km away and the town of Vila Real is 72 km away. Porto International Airport is 168 km away.


Comfort and rest guaranteed!



Enxerta Room

There lived in this house an old woman, known as Enxerta, who every September seemed to become more tremulous. Every day he climbed the granite stairs with a small branch of firewood.

At night, the light of a chain projected on the interior walls of the house shimmering shadows, which remained until Enxerta came to close the door of aged wood.


Fund Room

Capacity for up to 3 people.

2 adults + 1 child (in cot)



Kids Room

In the boys' room, with sober new furniture, rigorously recovered, we propose to you the experience of the environments of the beginning of the last century.

This room was usually occupied by the youngsters. For this reason it was called the boys' bedroom, a place that has now been perpetuated for the future, with furniture from the beginning of the last century, plus the photographs of the boys.


Room of the Hall

Capacity for up to 3 people.

2 adults + 1 child (in cot)


TGV room

It was in this space, little noble, where Nuno Pinto arranged available area to begin to assemble a model of the TGV offered by Carlos Garcia. He began this work with enthusiasm, but life did not give him the necessary time to complete it.

Today, after recovering the house, the room of the TGV gained the light that the past did not give and the name of the model that was not concluded.


Summer Room

The summer room is a tribute to Feliciano Morgado, a plastic artist that Vilas Boas saw born in 1953.

A tile panel of his own (summer), dominates one of the walls.
At the entrance, one of her first works is exhibited: a fake tile panel (Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Assunção), executed a few years before she joined the Superior School of Fine Arts in Lisbon.


Apartment in Palheiro

This space began to be the haystack of the house, here were bundles of straw that fed the cattle of traction and made their respective beds. When the house ceased to have animals and the grain ceased to be profitable, the haystack became useless.

The restoration works converted this space into an apartment that took advantage of the strength of the original fraga with exterior scenic space. In two of the interior walls the original granite was kept.


The House of the Lagares de Vara e Pedra, realizes very varied tourist tours and organized tours.

The tours are carried out by accredited professionals who obey all the safety regulations imposed by the competent authorities, so that you can enjoy the adventure fully.

The tours are flexible, being able to adapt to the needs of the clients. There are also options for total or partial tours in order to provide a more adventurous experience.

This region has everything to give you a perfect vacation!

The small cultural and historical treasures give you know of the best Villas Boas has to offer you!

Feeling the Landscape

  • Linha do Tua
  • Santuário Villas Boas
  • Santuário Vilarinho
  • Rio Tua Próximo
  • Douro Vinhateiro
  • Barragem do Penereiro
  • Rio Sabor
  • Vale da Vilariça

Knowing the Historical Heritage

  • Pelourinho Villas Boas
  • Chafariz Villas Boas
  • Pelourinho Freixiel
  • Antiga sede do Concelho Villas Boas


Linha do Tua


Barragem do Penereiro


Douro Vinhateiro


Vale da Vilariça


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  • Districts Bragança
  • Counties Vila Flor
  • Address Largo Dos Sotos Nº4
    Vilas Boas
  • Postal Code 5360-493
  • Email
  • Mobile +351 915 535 199
  • Website
  • Registry RNET-3724
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Map (Latitude: 41.3471252, Longitude: -7.1950068)

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