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Come and discover the natural wealth that Berlengas Nature Reserve has to offer you!

The Vie Berlenga Experience, is a company of nautical activities tourist to Berlengas.

The VIE Berlenga Experience has several travel packages for you to enjoy a quick trip to Berlenga Island or get a package on a luxury yacht to spend your birthday on board or even spend the day with nautical adventures. more...

VIE has several collaborators who make this whole process easier and fun!

The Berlengas Archipelago is formed by a group of islands and coastal reefs located off Peniche on the Portuguese continental shelf, distributed in three groups: Berlenga Island and associated reefs, Farilhões and Estelas.

It presents crystalline waters, inviting of a dive making the island in a paradisiac place of obligatory visit!

Come to Berlengas Nature Reserve!


Berlenga Island Travel Packages:

  • Travel + visit the Caves
  • Trip + back to Ilha
  • Round Trip
  • Travel + visit the Caves + return to the Island

Water Activities:

  • Sunset Yacht party
  • Birthday on board
  • Bachelor party
  • Play fishing
  • Nautical adventure

Ilha da Berlenga

Discover the natural wealth that Berlengas Reserve has to offer. This archipelago, located off the city of Peniche, is one of the wild paradises of Portugal.

Berlenga Island, composed of three islets, Berlenga Grande, Estelas and Farilhões, was once a day occupied by navigators, monks and pirates and has an incredible natural beauty that passes through its fauna, flora, an imposing beacon of 29 meters of height and the famous Fortress of S. João Baptista.









Service Time Price
Round trip to Berlenga Island 20 Min 22€ - *26€
Trip to Berlenga Island + Caves 20 Min  28€ - *32€
Trip to Berlenga Island + Tour of the Island 20 Min 26€ - *29€
Pack Sunset Yacht Party ----- From 20€
Birthday Pack on Board ----- From 20€
Pack Bachelor Party ----- From 25€
Play Fishing Pack ----- Desde 40€
Nautical Adventure Pack ----- Desde 20€


- Prices shown are per person

- Prices subject to confirmation of availability, season and number of people

- * From 1 to 31 August prices change

  • Districts Leiria
  • Counties Peniche
  • Address Porto de Pesca de Peniche, Edifício Novo Cais
  • Postal Code 2520-630
  • Email
  • Mobile +351 918 081 449
  • Website
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Map (Latitude: 39.3563648, Longitude: -9.3730497)

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